Chalets at The Hill Kundasang

Spacious Compound
  • 3 acres of walkable land |
  • Complete view of Mount Kinabalu |
  • Guest allowed to host parties
Great Location

5.9km from Kundasang (towards Ranau)

10.6km from Ranau (towards Kundasang)

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Comfortable Beds
Water Heater
Basic Amenities Towels & bath soap
Parties & Alcohol allowed (Bring your own bottle)
Others We're always ready to help! Let us know how?
Cooking allowed (Bring your own food)
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Message from the owner

I built The Hill Kinabalu for my wife & myself. Took us 6 long & difficult years to get the first building up but here we are finally! At the end of it, we're just an old couple looking to have a place to relax & share our stories. Thank you!

RMM210RM150per night

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WhatsApp us for more information! We're always ready to lend a hand!

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The Hill Kinabalu

Lucy Peter

The Hill Kinabalu,
KM 0.8 Jalan Semuruh / Kinoundusan,
Simpang Kg, Pinousuk,
Kundasang, Ranau, Sabah



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RMM210RM150per night

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